Barrie Jones is a photo artist whose work is known for its focus on the human figure as a site of complex personal and collective identities and on the urban environment and its many intersecting and parallel layers of social, economic and personal histories. His 'negotiated documentaries' oscillate between social documentary and directed fiction. Jones draws no clear distinction between the 'naturally occurring' and the 'arranged', often engaging people to 'play themselves' in his works. The works resulting from this approach have at the same time a compressed sense of narrative and a sense of the familiar. Engaged with what Jones himself calls social studies, his pictures expose multiple economic, political, and social arrangements, often using the figure as a display for ensuing vulnerabilities.

Jones has long been associated with Vancouver and the University of British Columbia where he received his BFA before spending several years in Ontario where he received his MFA at York. He taught there at the university level before returning to British Columbia in the mid 90's where he is currently an instructor in photography at the University of British Columbia.

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